amarene lamponi more prugne fragole mirtilli peperoni

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Year 2012.  Bimfood d.o.o. constructed a new production area of 950 sqm , a cold refrigeration storage room at  minus 20° degrees Celsius with a capacity of 1,600 cubic metres, a cold refrigeration room for the packaging of the end products with a controlled temperature from  0° degrees Celsius to 5° degrees Celsius and a new production line system to process the diverse kind of berries and vegetables thus enabling their highly specialized operators to calibre, select , clean, wash, cut,  extract the pits and detect metals and then finish the  processing through a state of the art tunnel with the technology of IQF ( Individual Quick freezing ) and with a freezing capacity of 2,500 kilos of finished product per hour.

Year 2018. The production area above-mentioned was extended to a total surface of 2,500sqm. The willingness to invest on the territory and the internationalisation of BIMFOOD which for the second year in a  row was awarded and included in the list of the 100  top exporters  in Macedonia Repubblic,  led this company to build and complete in just a few months a new cold refrigeration room capable of storing more than 2,000 tons of product.

Frozen Fruit

Pitted  black cherries

amarene denocciolate

Unpitted whole black cherries




Wild and cultivated blackberries


Halved plums


Wild strawberries

fragoline di bsco

Frozen strawberry


Blueberries puree


Frozen peppers IQF

Red Diced peppers
6×6, 10×10, 20×20 mm

peperone rosso congelato10x10

Green Diced peppers
10×10, 20×20 mm

peperone verde congelato 20x20

 Colormix Diced peppers
10×10, 20×20 mm

peperone congelato 20x20 color mix