Giacomini is also present in the Balkans with Bimfood d.o.o.
Two headquarters in the Balkan, one sole purpose.

Two headquarters in the Balkan, one sole purpose.

Giacomini is also present in the Balkans with Bimfood d.o.o. number one company in the Republic of Macedonia and IFS certified for the harvesting and processing of fresh Porcini mushrooms (with a  production capacity of processing over 50,000 kilos per day), dried and frozen mushrooms, berries and vegetables, especially bell peppers that can be supplied in various sizes and diced and/or sliced.

It’s hard to explain the important role  the bell pepper plays in the culture of the  Balkan  cuisine, especially in the Macedonian’s .

The bell pepper is one of the most cultivated and consumed vegetables and it accompanies every meal and it’s used in any size and shape.

From August to October markets are coloured by dozens and dozens of different varieties of any colour and shape. Each bell pepper has a different use : you have the flat  and enlongeted ones, prefered for the preparation of the ajvar ( the typical pepper condiment you can find in all the Balkans), the round ones perfect for pickles, and the fresh ones  perfect for stuffing with meat and rice, and also peppers used for the preparation of  paprika.

Starting from the traditional cultivation of these products, Bimfood has been suppling the most important European companies with raw materials for years, also thanks to their efforts to invest in research and innovation , always keeping up with the newest technological facilities, aiming to improve quality and an increasingly greater control of the raw materials, from the harvesting to the exportation.

Our last investment, dating back to April 2017 is about the incorporation of  “DOO VIGAN PRIJEDOR” a Bosniac company. This second branch allows us to further extend the supplying network.

“Bimfood Bosnia”, how it’s now called, is another important tessera that underlines our willingness to grow  keeping  very high quality standards.  Bosnia is renowned for being the land of high quality mushrooms and raspberries thanks to its favorable climate and geological comformation.