TO SLEEP WELL:  if you put a pinch of saffron powder in a cup of hot water (let it rest for ten minutes) add a spoon of honey , it is a great infused anti-stress and digestive. If drank in the late evening it helps to sleep properly.

ANTI-STRESS :  according to recent studies  the saffron is claimed to have beneficial properties for the human body. The active principles of the saffron have beneficial effects on the part of nervous system that is responsible of our mood. This has been clinically tested on people affected by depression and having positive effects on them

ANTIQUITY: already in the antiquity the saffron with its properties represented a great remedy for several disorders. In certain medical texts of the ancient Persia it was highlighted the benefits that the saffron had for respiratory disorders and stomach ulcers.

COMPOSITION : The saffron is composed by 12% of water, 4% of fibers, 5% of ashes, 5,80% of lipids, 65% of carbohydrates and 9% ok proteins. There is a good presence of minerals like calcium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, magnesium e.

by Giacomini.